Care Tips for Pocket Tools

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Cleaning and regular lubrication are important to keep your Swiss Army Knife in proper functioning, here are some care tips:


Como Cuidar do CaniveteWhat care should I take with the Swiss Army Knife?


When cutting or peeling  fruit, fruit juice often runs down between the blades, sticking them together once it has dried. Open and close the blades in warm water several times and the tools can be easily moved again. When they have dired would be good, but not always necessary, to apply a small drop of oil between the blade or tool shank and the Spring. On the locking machanism sometimes a drop of this excelent gliding oil could be helpful. Do not put Victorinox with pen or multi-tools in the dishwasher!






Lubrificar Canivete

How to grease the Swiss Army Knife?


When selecting knife oil, various properties need to be taken into account, including the legal provisions relating to the safety of foodstuffs. Some oils intended for pocket knifes do not provide safisfactory lubrication or may even prevent the knife working properly (causing it to stick, for exemple)

We recommend oil Multitools from Victorinox. Among the features of this product are: Doesn´t have odor and taste, highly resistant to aging, protects your knife against corrosion, the pocket knife can be  immediately applied to cut food.





Como Afiar Canivete Victorinox

How to sharp the Swiss Army?


Re-sharpen using a whetstone at an angle of 15 ° - 20 °. This will result in a cutting angle of 30 ° - 40 °. If sharpening on a grinding wheel, always cool with plent of water to avoid excessive temperatures and product damage.

We recommend the Victorinox double sharpener, which includes a universal ceramic sharpener and a sharpening stone.



Mudar a Pilha do CaniveteHow to change the battery of Swi


Depending on the Swiss Army Knife model, you can remove the battery with the help of a clip or mini screwdriver.

Before inserting a new battery, check its expiration date. Used batteries should be recycled, do not dispose of them with household waste.

Pilha: SwissLite, Midnite Maneger, Midnite MiniChamp

Pilha: Traveller, SwissChampPilha: Spartan, Huntsman, Mountaineer, Traveller, CyberTool, SwissChampPilha: Swisscard Lite
Substituir Esferográfica Victorinox

How to change the pen?


To remove and store the pen, press the button among the blades, then slide it to the side. To write, open the sandpaper nail.

To change the pen, take it when empty and place a new, through a click of the previous place. The toothpick can be exchanged using the tweezers.










Did you know that you can also change the scratched covers of your Swiss Army Knife?


Victorinox Swiss Army Knifes in different colors and sizes, 58mm, 84mm, 91mm and even specific for the SwissChamp model have the additional fitting for the pen. Give your Victorinox a renewed look by replacing the used plastic covers!








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Gostava de trocar as capas a um dos meus Vitorinox mas nem sei onde o poderei fazer.

Loja das Facas:
07/08/2017, 12:37:12 PM

Carlos aqui na Loja das Facas é possível adquirir capas novas para o seu canivete e ser você a trocar em casa, visite a página: É uma operação simples e ficará com um canivete praticamente novo. Se preferir pode visitar-nos nas nossas instalações que podemos efectuar nós a substituição.

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A mola da tesoura de um dos meus Vitorinox partiu, gostava de saber se é possível trocar e onde? Obrigado.

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