How to Replace Victorinox Handles

Posted by Filipa Norte 19/02/2018 0 Comment(s)

How to Replace Handles


  The handles of most officer's knives and pocket tools are centered over, and pressed onto bushings. This means it is easy to fit replacement handles yourself.

















  Insert a narrow blade between the hadle and the knife body. Gently prize the handle away from the nushings. Repeat this process several times to completely separate both handles from the knife body.


  Centre the two new replacement handles closely over the protruding brass bushings. Take care! Place something soft (a piece of fabric, cardboard, etc.) between the clamping jaws to avoid damaging or scratching the surface of the handles.



  Knife Bodies Selfmade Handles 



  Various artists and handle makers often produce pocket-tool handles made from special materials and/or ones that are carefully handcrafted. In such cases, it is not uncommon for these handles to be fitted to a standard Victorinox knife body.


  The Victorinox warraty applies solely to the knife body and not to the handles in these cases.

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