Sérgio Santos

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Damascus Skinner

Skinning knife type Skinner.Sheathed in natural leather and "Basket" decorations engraved.Specificat..

147.60€ Ex Tax: 120.00€

Knife "Acanthus" Portuguese Handmade

Handmade skinning knife, with carved blade, manually representing an Acanto leaf.Sheathed in natural..

270.60€ Ex Tax: 220.00€

Knife "Persian" Portuguese Handmade

Inspired in Persian knives, there are no straight lines in the design, optimal cutting power.With sh..

216.48€ Ex Tax: 176.00€

Knife "Pisces" Portuguese Handmade

Skinner knife type with carved blade represented a trout jumping into a river.Sheathed in leather wi..

307.50€ Ex Tax: 250.00€

Knife "Tanto" Portuguese Handmade

Japanese Tanto inspired knife, excellent cutting power and penetration.With sheath made of natural l..

202.95€ Ex Tax: 165.00€

Sérgio Santos