iSTOR Swiss Sharpener

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iSTOR Duplex Sharpener

Grind and sharpen all damaged blades. Ideal for use in the garden, on the farm and in the workshop. ..

79.15€ Ex Tax: 64.35€

iSTOR Professional Sharpener

Thanks to its size, not only professionals who prefer a sharpener with a bigger handle and grinding ..

46.57€ Ex Tax: 37.86€

iSTOR Standard Sharpener

The standard model is the smallest sharpener in the range. There is space for it everywhere - in the..

24.54€ Ex Tax: 19.95€

iSTOR Swiss Sharpener

The ISTOR AG company was founded in 1964 in the town of Frauenfeld, Switzerland, by Josef A. Schefer.

The focus of activities was on producing advertising gifts during the first 30 years. The ISTOR AG company was one of the first Swiss companies which imported textiles and bags from the Far East. Its customers included Swiss banks and leading industrial and trading companies.

In the early nineties, Josef A. Schefer invented the original istor SWISS SHARPENER®. This sharpener is 100% Swiss-made and its impressive features are its quality and its universal functionality. As a useful tool for the home, the garden and when working, it is very popular world-wide.