Professional Pocket knives

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Boat Pocket Knife

Boat knife in natural cork! Very strong! Made in Itália-Portugal ..

27.45€ Ex Tax: 22.32€

Fi"Sherman" Floating Pocket Knife

  Saillor model. Handle in lightweight plastic.  Specifications: Blade ..

9.18€ Ex Tax: 7.46€

Leather Sheath for Pocket Knife 133cm

Sheath made from genuine leather. Suitable for pocket knives with wide shapes (sailor pocket knife, ..

6.43€ Ex Tax: 5.23€

Sailor Pocket Knife

  Razor specially designed for sailors, was specifically adopted by the Portuguese Navy...

29.04€ Ex Tax: 23.61€

Sailor Pocket Knife 8cm

Saillor model. Handle in steel and wood.   Blade length: 8 cm. Length o..

26.01€ Ex Tax: 21.15€

Sailor Pocket Knife Horne

Tradicional portuguese sailors pocket knife. Special edition with handle in horn, of the pocket knif..

53.38€ Ex Tax: 43.40€

Professional Pocket knives